The Leather Loft

Luxury Handmade Leather Fashion 

Leather With Love

Redefine Your Relationship With Leather


Our leather is ethically sourced, energetically cleared, and infused with: LOVE, HEALTH, and WEALTH!

With our products, you will :own your style, find your voice, and stand out as a leader in your life and industry!

EQ Ethics


Each hide that we use to craft our one -of -a kind products is  selected from reputable vendors that are committed to a humane and sustainable leather trade.

Population management is top priority for wild hides  and skins we utilize in our design.  

Our wild python skins are from the Florida everglades where there invasive population is out of control. 

EQPosh is a woman owned and managed corporation that supports families in our local community.  As we grow, we will be sourcing labor from our local community right here in the USA!

We are dedicated to training and employing local artisans to develop healthier communities. 

Our Dazzling Designs


We strive to bring new life to leather!

We  combine the rich colors and textures into a artistic canvas for daily use! 


Our signature look combines embossed cow hide leather, soft suede, and exotic accents.  Our pieces are designed to be 100% functional for everyday use, but with exceptional quality and remarkable style. 

The Owner and Designer


Style Changed My LIFE

 Shawn Neff- Owner 


An ordinary woman found her voice, confidence and life direction through discovering style. Shawn Neff, owner and designer, is a serial entrepreneur, transformational coach and mother extraordinaire. 

Always afraid of standing out in the crowd or drawing attention to herself, her moment of freedom came when she hired a personal stylist who helped Shawn own her unique style: an expression of romance with a touch of glam. Textures and layers of fabric not only brought her personality to life, but also a continuity to her soul. 


Beauty Fuels Happiness


Shawn’s vision for this brand began in the equestrian world. She and her husband own an exquisite facility
in northern Michigan, and are supporting their daughter’s dream towards international dressage competition. In this realm, Shawn experiences the affect that personal style has in increasing confidence and focus in the show ring. 

Her flare for design came from years of interior design, remodeling and helping clients transform themselves from the inside out. Her signature phrase is “I make everything beautiful,” a reflection of her firm belief that beauty brings pleasure to life and fuels happiness. 


Sacred Process of Creation


Leather and love is the process Shawn uses of ethically sourcing hides, energetically clearing them and infusing them with new life. Each design begins with leather cow hides from the USA beef industry which are stamped and dyed to create rich texture. The python hides used in the production of these pieces are sourced from the invasive ecosystems of the Florida everglades and Texas. (While initially thought not to be able to reproduce, these pythons now have over run these areas and create danger for wild life, children and pets.) 

EQposh items are meticulously handcrafted in USA by a local seamstress with specialized training. They can be customized with color and design options to reflect your unique personal style.